#StonerCleanupInitiative: What is it and Why does it Matter?

  Stoners don’t have the best reputation. No matter how much you might love The Big Lebowski and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it’s hard to deny that the typical “stoner” stereotype doesn’t help legalization and normalization efforts. The stoner cleanup initiative, which is loosely organized around the #StonerCleanUpInitiative hashtag, is trying to change that. [...]

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Youtube Munchies: The 11 Best Cooking Channels to Watch When You’re Stoned

It’s not hard to find a great cooking channel on YouTube, but there are a few that are so much better when you’re stoned. Whether you're looking for a funny cooking channel or specifically a marijuana cooking show, we've got you covered. So kick back, light up, and satisfy your cravings for YouTube munchies with [...]

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Cannabis Dispensary vs. Marijuana Dispensary: What Do Your Customers Call It?

No matter what business you’re in, connecting with your customers is vital. Using the same language as your customers can help you convince them that you share common ground, while using different terminology can potentially alienate them. If you’re marketing your business using SEO, using the right terms can have another big benefit. Even subtle [...]

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How to Rank for “Marijuana Dispensary Near Me” Using SEO

Did you know that “near me” is one of the fastest growing searches of the last few years? Thanks in part to better location targeting and the rise of mobile searches, searches containing “near me” have basically doubled in the last two years.   While many locally-focused industries have seen similar trends (like “restaurants near [...]

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How Can SEO Benefit Marijuana Dispensaries?

There are few products with more built-in demand than marijuana. While most dispensaries in states that allow medical and recreational marijuana are focused on growing their customer service staff, cultivating their supply chain, and navigating the regulatory enviroment, smart dispensary owners are quickly learning that just a little bit of SEO can create massive benefits [...]

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Subscription Boxes for Cannabis Fans Who Don’t Need More Rolling Papers

There are some amazing cannabis subscrption boxes out there, like Hippie Butler and Sensi Box, but it doesn’t take long to collect enough rolling papers and grinders to last a lifetime. Instead, we wanted to check out the best subscription boxes full of other things you can enjoy before, during, and after blazing. From international snacks to [...]

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