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The marijuana industry is growing like wildfire. Tomorrow’s household names will be built today, and with our help your brand could be one of them.

Our approach to cannabis SEO and marketing is simple: we’ll make your dispensary, supply company, product, or lifestyle brand look so mind-blowingly awesome that no one else can keep up.

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Take the top spot with a finely tuned search engine optimization campaign.

Web Design

Smart, conversion-focused websites that make your brand look dope.

Online Marketing

Custom solutions for newsletters, social media marketing, branding, and a lot more.

Learn the Truth about Cannabis

Learn some of our favorite facts about cannabis and help us spread the truth.

In 2016, Colorado collected $109 in cannabis taxes, versus $44.5 million in alcohol taxes.

Who is Trail Blazer SEO For?

Cannabis Dispensaries

With future-first web design and a state-of-the-art SEO campaign, we can help your medical or recreational dispensary dominate your market.

All of our websites are built with your unique clientele in mind, and are designed to be easily updated over time as your business grows and thrives.

Cannabis Delivery Businesses

Marketing a service area business comes with its own unique set of challenges, and the ever-changing legal landscape for cannabis makes it even more complicated.

Our team will help you navigate those waters to reach customers down the street and cities away. We conduct intensive research for each client to maximize their brand’s visibility in their unique market, starting with the opportunities your biggest competitors have neglected.

Cannabis Lifestyle Brands

Want to launch an apparel line? How about a marijuana newsletter just for baby boomers?

We can give you the design, visibility and tools you’ll need to connect with your ideal customers in any market. Our branded SEO solutions will help you get even more out of your social media presence.

Cannabis Products

Whether you’re selling a new smoking device, a vaporizer, or a line of baked goods, we’ll help you sell more.

Our approach is to find everything that makes your product unique, whether it comes down to style, price, or performance. Then, we’ll help you find the customers who will appreciate those strengths the most, and make sure your product is front and center wherever they turn.

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