What Licenses Are Needed to Start a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in California?

On January 1, 2018, the use of recreational marijuana will become legal in the state of California. Recreational sales will be permitted on January 2, 2018. Under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, individuals 21 years or older will be permitted to use marijuana recreationally and sales for adult-use will be legal. What does that [...]

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Cannabis Delivery SEO vs. Dispensary SEO: What’s the Difference?

In many ways, performing SEO for cannabis delivery services is the same as performing them for a dispensary. You build links, make your site user friendly, and market content that builds relevance and authority. However, performing SEO for a marijuana delivery service also has its own unique set of challenges that less sophisticated SEOs overlook, [...]

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We’re Looking for Marijuana Bloggers

TrailBlazer SEO is looking for part time bloggers, writers, and other content producers to help us grow our brand. To apply, please send a sample of your work to joe@trailblazerseo.com. Guest Posting Are you a business owner who wants to grow their brand? We are also open to guest posts from cannabis bloggers and business owners, [...]

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Does My Marijuana Dispensary Need a Website?

Between Weedmaps, Instagram, and all the other social network opportunities you have to advertise your business, does your dispensary even need a website? It’s a question we hear often, and rightfully so. Getting a custom website for your dispensary seems like an unnecessary cost when there are so many options out there. The truth is [...]

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6 Smart Ways to Profit From Marijuana Legalization Without Selling Bud

While the future of legalized marijuana just keeps getting brighter, we’re still not there yet. As of late 2017, the federal government’s stance on legalization is still hazy at best, prompting entire industries to keep clear of the green rush. And while running your own grow operation or dispensary can be extremely rewarding, the added [...]

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